Friday, 13 December 2013

The Nonpareil Guide to Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is a very old process and has been used by humans alongside domestication of animals. It is very profitable and has helped the human race to evolve. We receive multiple benefits from animal husbandry. Here in below some of them are described.

  It helps us in providing proper food, shelter and protection from diseases to domestic animals. 

 You can use the excreta of animals as a good fertilizer in your agricultural field. 

 It helps in regular disposal of animal excreta and helps us to maintain good environment.

  Animal husbandry helps to improve the breeds of your domesticated animals. 

  It increases the production of egg, milk, crops (Indirectly) and meat. So for that farmer gets       more benefits and makes himself economically strong. 

  Mass production from animal husbandry helps in supply food to our increasing population. 

In current time Government provides many facilities and collaboration to farmers for making a husbandry. You can find every item of animal husbandry at Agri-Supply UK.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Safety Precaution before Using an Electric Fence

Electric fencing is a very simple, easy and effective way to save your land, garden or farm from animals like goats, sheep and deer. It also helps you to control animals like horses, cows and ponies who are experts in breaking your normal fence or boundary. But there are some safety rules you should  know before using it. 

 Always use high quality and standard electric fence in your farm. 

 Keep your children and pets away from fencing system. 

 Keep warning boards and signals near your fence. So that people will be alert. 

 Disconnect your energizer from fence during lightning strikes. Because it may damage your energizer and other properties near it. 

 Always connect your fence to low power terminal during danger period like fire, storm etc. 

 Don’t cross the electric fence wires and connecting leads over the power and communication lines.

 Don’t use electric fence near swimming pools, dams and in wet grounds. 

 Make a good and strong earthing system for your fence.

 Fit a separate earth connector to your electric fence energizer. 

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