Thursday, 21 August 2014

Manual and Pneumatic Fluid Extractor Pumps for Engine Oil Change

It will become easy for you to change your transmission fluid, engine oil and other sticky liquids on an automobile or diesel boat if you use an oil extractor. You are required to follow the instructions given in your user manual and change the engine oil after a specific time period. We supply a wide range of fluid extractors to help you change engine oil between scheduled time periods.  Each of them can be made operational by inserting the suction tube into the dipstick hole. Using the pressure of manual or pneumatic extractor pumps, our extractors will suck out oil and empty it into their cylinder like containers.  These devices can be used even if you are planning to change brake fluid and coolants.  
As a car user you won’t be able to extract the oil from engine without the help of a car service centre. Instead of paying car service charges, you should try extracting it on your own. But it might leave your hands dirty. We offer inexpensive oil extracting equipments with manual or pneumatic pumps for making your job easy. You can use it for engine oil changing procedure while making sure your hands are clean.

If you are unable to extract fluids from bilges, fuel tanks and other difficult areas, our oil extracting devices can make you successful. Some of them are equipped with manual pumps while others use air pressure mechanism. All of them come with variable size containers to suit your domestic and commercial operations. Whether you want to use simple fluid extraction technology or cost efficient liquid extracting devices, we can give you many choices.

Our fluid extractor vacuum pumps are designed for extraction of oil, water, petrol, diesel and other sticky liquids. You can apply a few manual strokes or air compression to pump out the fluid and transfer it into the cylinder unit. With the timely performance of our fluid extracting devices, you can manage to extract liquid from hard to reach areas.

Get ready for fast and effective car oil transfers and oil changes with our affordable range of fluid extractor pumps on display at Be sure to compare the features including the container size of our extractors before ordering one for your use.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Rot Free Plastic Fence Posts for Animal Control

Animal control is a problem faced for years. Seeking protection of cattle, pigs, horses and poultry has become necessary as most of us have started making firms in wild and insecure areas. Whether you have built your firm or shifted it to the undomesticated areas in the UK or its surrounds, the issues concerned with the safety and security of animals and food in your firm need to be addressed fast. The plastic fence can serve you better safety for animals or livestock especially when they are made of quality and durable fence posts.

The terrifying experience of animals attacked by predators in the secluded firm area at night is what most of us won’t like to go through at all. Although robust animal fencing supplies UK can prove to be protective, poor standard fencing can be disastrous. Though barbed wire and cleave rail wood fence were the only available choices a few years ago but a lot of new options can now be used to ensure better protection to animals at reasonable cost of fitting and replacement. Have you ever experimented with plastic fence posts, energisers, insulators and other viable accessories manufactured and supplied by our agricultural tool experts and designers? These items will never let you feel the need of wood fence materials again.

Our plastic fence posts and insulators are meant to create the strongest, safest and the most efficient fencing solution for your animal and property protection. They are made from recycled plastic material and feature the fine touch of colorful paints along with the power and elasticity of highly developed extrusion skill. It won’t require any special skill to install our fence posts in the field and build an ultra secure and defensive fence line for controlling the movement of your animals.

Get ready to explore some of our elegant varieties of plastic fence posts at and choose what fits your fencing system the best.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Install Strong and UV Resistant Plastic Fence Posts from Agri-supply

Long lasting plastic fence posts are required for your garden fencing, agricultural firm, equine, aquaculture and floriculture business. They have got splined points which support in taking the load of your fence and help it retain in ground firmly. If you are unsure about the quality of fence posts available in the local market, we can supply them for building a high strength fence wherever you want. Our stock includes top quality electric fencing for horses and agriculture products that you can have for your use in and outside UK. Whether you want to keep your crops or field safe, protect your livestock from predator’s attack, we have durable plastic fencing posts in different designs, colors and sizes. Whether it is to create a new fencing solution or replace an existing one, you will get the most suitable variety right here.

We are a specialist supplier of fence products such as electric fence energisers, posts, insulators, tape and electrified poultry netting. You can get a satisfactory delivery whenever you need 3/4/5 feet high electric fence poly posts to restrict the movement or grazing of your livestock. Be sure that all our poly posts can be used in electric fencing built for temporary purpose. With our affordable supply, a large number of customers have been able to achieve their fencing needs. You too can take advantage of our electric fence fiberglass posts and oval steel posts. They will add strength to your fence even though they are regularly moved from one place to another.

We manufacture UV resistant plastic fence posts in different heights. You should pick up the right size post for your animal fencing and check its insulator before looking to install tape, rope or wire on it. Whether you need stable fencing for protecting ponies, sheep, cattle, horses or pigs, we are ready to deliver plastic posts at good price. Contact us at for making a right choice of fencing posts with holes for stabilizing your animal fence lines at different heights.

Monday, 14 July 2014

UV Protected Plastic Fence Posts for Constructing Stable Fence Lines

Do you need more attractive and stable items for garden fencing? Are you looking to install fence lines around your firm or horses? Are there any quality fence posts available to secure your own property or keep animals or enemies away from it? We supply both electric and plastic fence posts that would suit the construction structure of your garden or home. Our fence post designs vary in style and material and may add to protection of your home or property. If you install them then it would be possible to keep animals or enemies away from causing any harm to your family or food.

Our high grade plastic fencing posts and insulators can be an appealing and reliable alternative to conventional fence making products. They are made of ultra violet ray protected PVC materials and look elegant in a wide variety of colours such as white, green, gray, brown etc. You can pick up any plastic fence post or panel design that can make your garden or firm fencing look unique and effective. All these posts are produced from the recyclable plastic products. You need to go through our display or products gallery before ordering us your favorite item online.

Be sure that we have a new range of plastic fence posts to enhance your experience in domestic or commercial fencing jobs. It is the revolutionary fence making technology that makes our plastic posts strong, durable and maintenance free. With easy to installation methods, you will be able to install these posts deep into the ground and give rise to a secure and protective fence line around your firm or garden.

Check out our stock at and select what suits your fencing style, size and price.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Rutland Electric Fencing Products for Controlling Your Livestock

Are you searching for low cost and easy to install fencing solutions to control your animals safely? Do you need reliable alternatives to barbed wire that can last longer with negligible maintenance? If animals in your firm are regularly getting injured by traditional barbed wire fence or damaging it much faster, we can help minimize your loss with supply of Rutland Electric Fencing products and accessories.

Rutland is one of the largest suppliers of electric fence products in the UK and is mainly recognized for its top grade electric fencing energizers, T posts, cables and more. Each of these energisers can give assured performance no matter whether it is driven by solar, mains, 9 volt or 12 volt electricity. Our store promotes Rutland for bringing you a full line of electric fencing products along with a small variety of permanent and semi-permanent fence equipments and parts.

Rutland does not handle retail marketing and prefer to supply its manufactured products through a reliable network of dealers in the UK. We are one of the largest suppliers tied up with Rutland and many other reliable brands. Though we don’t stock almost all variety of Rutland Electric fencing equipments but we can certainly meet your demand in case you want to purchase any of their officially promoted products featuring on our website.

Instead of using any other brand products you can order us Rutland Electric fencing that have been popular for the last forty years. Their fencing equipments are reliable, durable and affordable. With them, your livestock can remain safe and avoid injuries that occur with the use of other kinds of fence in your firm.

To control your farm animals, horses or wildlife, browse through our electric fencing products at

Friday, 30 May 2014

Find a Great Replacement Option in Plastic Fence Posts

Are you working in an agricultural farm and looking to reduce the replacement and maintenance cost of electric fencing to a great extent? Consider to install our recycled plastic fence posts in place of wooden ones. Wood made fence posts may break or rot after getting exposed to extreme weather conditions. 
But the plastic fence posts are being produced from a wide variety of plastic materials that lay waste and add to a landfill. These posts offer great savings as compared to their wooden varieties. They can get installed in almost every application but remain spotless and damage free for years. With them you won’t have to think of replacement or maintenance of your fencing. Choose from our large size (4ft and 5ft) fence posts that can suit any temporary electric fence made for sheep, cattle or horses.  They also have one pigtail eye on the top part of every post for using conductors in one fence line.  

At Agri-Supply UK, we have a wide variety of plastic fencing posts with great strength and stability no matter whether you represent equestrian, agriculture, viticulture or aquaculture sector. With 5 to 7 cm spacing in between two posts, you are likely to enjoy better ground holding capacity in every season.  

Our electric posts are made from 100% recycled PVC or vinyl materials that are proven to endure for many years and reduce replacement or maintenance cost. To ask for a quote call us at
Electric Fence For Animals or fill up online form.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Reasons for Choosing Plastic Fence Posts over Others

If you want to build a fence in your yard or firm, you might get tempted to choose a variety based on price but making a low cost choice is not always the right decision. Though some cheap fence posts can be picked up for satisfying your needs, plastic fence posts can be a worthy alternative for a little extra price. For the long term use of your yard fence, the advantages of plastic fencing make it a better choice than others.

Reasons for selecting plastic fence posts over others
Plastic fencing is usually made of PVC and many other compounds to add to its durability, flexibility and light resistance. A fence post made from traditional substance like metal or wood can give rise to certain problems that won’t be seen in plastic or vinyl fence posts. The potential benefits of these fence posts can be mentioned through the following points:

  • More strength: Plastic fencing posts have better strength than wood or other conventional material. They can survive high amount of pressure without the risk of breaking or bending.
  • Greater flexibility: Plastic posts are made of materials with great elasticity that gives fencing a high degree of flexibility. They can sustain even when exposed to extreme weather conditions and pressure washing. Unlike stiffer alternatives, they won’t bend, crack or bend.
  • No maintenance cost: Plastic fence posts neither need touch ups nor show any signs of rusting, chipping or discoloration. A decision to invest in this type of maintenance-free item can save you lot of money and time and that can be spent on making repairs and purchasing supplies for other kinds of fencing.
  • Water-resistance: Wooden fencing will rot or bend. Metal fencing may get rusted with exposure to excess amount of water or rain. But a plastic posts will remain unaffected even in extreme moist or rainy season. They can be placed beside a sprinkler, swimming pool or other water grown areas without the risk of getting damaged in the future.  
  • Lifetime warranty offers: Basically, lifetime warranties come with plastic fencing post purchases. This offer can ensure that you have made investment in a reliable product that will continue to serve your yard for many years.
By gathering the details about the way your fencing posts can face daily wear and tear and harsh weather conditions, it may become easy to decide the effectiveness of plastic posts used in your yard or farm fencing. In addition to this, these posts can be customized into different colors and styles in order to give your fencing a desirable look.

At Agri Supply UK, you will get to see a wide variety of plastic fencing posts in different styles and colors. If you are eager to place any of these fence posts in your firm or yard and want to know about their prices, don’t forget to call this agriculture supply store in UK