Thursday, 21 August 2014

Manual and Pneumatic Fluid Extractor Pumps for Engine Oil Change

It will become easy for you to change your transmission fluid, engine oil and other sticky liquids on an automobile or diesel boat if you use an oil extractor. You are required to follow the instructions given in your user manual and change the engine oil after a specific time period. We supply a wide range of fluid extractors to help you change engine oil between scheduled time periods.  Each of them can be made operational by inserting the suction tube into the dipstick hole. Using the pressure of manual or pneumatic extractor pumps, our extractors will suck out oil and empty it into their cylinder like containers.  These devices can be used even if you are planning to change brake fluid and coolants.  
As a car user you won’t be able to extract the oil from engine without the help of a car service centre. Instead of paying car service charges, you should try extracting it on your own. But it might leave your hands dirty. We offer inexpensive oil extracting equipments with manual or pneumatic pumps for making your job easy. You can use it for engine oil changing procedure while making sure your hands are clean.

If you are unable to extract fluids from bilges, fuel tanks and other difficult areas, our oil extracting devices can make you successful. Some of them are equipped with manual pumps while others use air pressure mechanism. All of them come with variable size containers to suit your domestic and commercial operations. Whether you want to use simple fluid extraction technology or cost efficient liquid extracting devices, we can give you many choices.

Our fluid extractor vacuum pumps are designed for extraction of oil, water, petrol, diesel and other sticky liquids. You can apply a few manual strokes or air compression to pump out the fluid and transfer it into the cylinder unit. With the timely performance of our fluid extracting devices, you can manage to extract liquid from hard to reach areas.

Get ready for fast and effective car oil transfers and oil changes with our affordable range of fluid extractor pumps on display at Be sure to compare the features including the container size of our extractors before ordering one for your use.

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