Friday, 11 April 2014

Ten Tips on Wearing Your Hunter Boots in a Stylish Manner

Hunter boots, popularly known as Wellingtons, are knee-high boots meant to provide protection and comfort during rain and snow fall. If you have a pair of hunter wellies then read on this article to know how to pair with your jeans, shorts and other clothes to look hot and stylish. 

No matter whether you have a trendy or classic style boots, these knee high footwear can make you feel super warm, comfortable and stylish. Here are discussed a few things that will help you carry these items in the most fashionable manner. 

Why should you wear your hunter boots more often? They offer several advantages in spite of having a rough country look, a retro vibe or reflecting a smooth urban feel. On rainy and cold days, they certainly make your skirts and pants wearable. They make you look hot in a pair of jeans and give a sober look with more casual outfits. Hunter willies increase the adaptability of your outfits and add to your look and style. Let’s find out how to wear them for looking more fashionable.
  1. Wear boots with full length gowns or jeans – Hunter boots are excellent for rain fall and chilled weather condition. They can be worn along with your lighter outfits like skirts, gowns and jeans when it is cold. Don’t forget to keep them in the back of your closet door shelve when there is a rise in temperature. It’s because they may look odd in hot weather condition.
  2. Keep some gap between your hem and boot -  While wearing a full length gown or skirt, your hem should remain a little above the footwear. With a well fitted pair, leave a few inches gap between the boot and home. In this way, you will look gorgeous.
  3. Wear minis with black boots – Wear minis or short skirts with tightly fitted black books. It will help you look stunning.
  4. High heels to complement your dress or skirt – If you are fat and wear long dresses or skirts to hide your body structure, use high heel boots. But don’t wear a boot if you feel uncomfortable while walking in a lengthy skirt. Instead you should consider using it with jeans for getting a rough and tough look.
  5. Wear on Harem or wide leg pants – You can easily wear them over jeans, harem pants or wide leg pants and move around comfortably.
  6. Avoid extremely tight boots – Your footwear should fit around your legs smartly but not be so tight that you feel pain while walking around. There should be a few inches gap between the boot and leg.
  7. Flat heels can look casual but still preferred – Flat boots can be worn inside or outside your jeans or trousers and they look fabulous in every style. Though they look a bit casual but still desired by many stylish women in the world.
  8. Use it along with flowing frocks – Irrespective of its heavy or light weight; boots can give your clothing a fashionable look.
  9. Cove up your tight jeans – For a more glamorous look, cover your jeans with tightly fitted jeans.
  10. Try it with more conventional clothes – You can look cool and slouchy in any retro style cloth by putting on a pair of hunter boots.

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